Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Palestine

Maybe there is no such thing as peace, justice and such. maybe those words just disappeared from human’s dictionary and life. Maybe it just words that only filling the dictionary and vocabulary. The meaning of peace to them is to terminate anyone that opposes them from any side such as economics and sorta. Those people who fight for their homeland and freedom were called terrorist, while the people who came and intrude other nations were called terrorist fighters. What the hell!!! Y’all see, the humanitarian aids to Gaza this time comes with hope to open people’s mind about the enthusiastic that showed by those activist to help people of Gaza, even the aid’s delivery by land road was restricted by the Egyptian themselves, they take another way- sea road. The israeli’s seize on the Marvi Marmala,the ship that carry the aid s to Gaza proved the Israeli’s evilness. They even cause a few deaths that the people off the world angry about but they didn’t. The aids follow the regulation and never entered Israeli’s water coast but still.. Where are those politicians,intelectualist and whatsoever.. Stop arguing each other and lets together fight for peace and help those in Gaza.

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