Monday, July 26, 2010

ESQ for Malaysia; Banned!

The issue of banning or correcting the ESQ program founded by Ary Ginanjar Agustian arose when the Mufti of the Federation State, Datuk Haji Wan Zahidi Wan Teh stated his opinion in form of fatwa that the ESQ course was contradicted with Islamic Teaching. According to him, the ESQ course contains elements that were contradicted with Islamic Teaching. Such as, theology of liberalism and pluralism in Islam, they also claim that the Prophets found the truth (hidaya) by searching for it and not by chosen and given by Allah The Most Gracious, mixing the Islamic Teaching with the Christians, Jews and Hindu’s spiritual rituals. They also claim that the voice of heart was same with the Hindu, prefers logics and denying the miracles (mukjizat) of the prophets, using 19 codes created by Rasyad Khalifah to interpret the Qoran, claim that the 17 times of al-Fatihah recitations was the same as the bushido’s ritual of the Buddha. Interpret the Moses (Nabi Musa)’s miracles as same as what happened to a pilot and interpret the ‘shahadatain’ as triple one or trinity in the Christian’s belief. To all Muslim, the fatwa was enforceable when it had been stated publicly or gazette by the government on june 17,202010 even though it was gazette by the Mufti of the federation state. Yes, it is by law that only the citizens of federation state only should follow the fatwa as the minister of the prime minister department , Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom had stated that the fatwa was only enforceable within the federation state only (Utusan Malaysia,July 9 2010. It was clearly showed that the statement was out of Islamic way of application. Rationally, a fatwa of something been stated the others will follow as a symbol of unity and understanding of muzakarah whereby known as Islamic way of application. For instance, when the Islamic way of application does not show up it means something is wrong (which I do not dare to speak about). May Allah the Most Greatest keep us from any disbelief and anything that will harms us. Amen. By Azuwa Hasan, Faculty of Shariah and Law, Islamic Science University of Malaysia,

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