Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Imam Muda",Scholars or Celebrities

Recently, the reality program Iman Muda somehow makes the whole country especially for Muslim to enter into a new century for Islamic Entertainments. when i say, entertainment somehow it did cross into my mind what is the true purpose of this so-called Imam Muda thing whatsoever. Now, the reality program had entered into a new season which is season two and from the past season it manage to have a high rating of viewers throughout Malaysia. It seems Malaysian viewers had already accepted an entertainment in Islamic way in term of how the program is about, the theme and etc. Few years ago, Islamic Entertainment been discriminated and been labeled as not entertain enough and get less viewer than other program;even a boring sport like Golf! Now, Imam Muda seems to explode and make a new dimension and definition for Islamic Entertainment. However,did Imam Muda produces scholars or celebrities. it seems for me they are far more celebrities than scholars. If, the participants really want to test their knowledge maybe they should apply for a job at Jabatan Agama! as for me, Imam Muda means Imam, a leader and such. but, after winning the program where there are some participants whose failed to fill the criteria which the judges want and cry.. did they become leaders??

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