Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hina Hudud

recently, there are videos which have insulted Hudud called 'Sembang Rakyat'. there are also rumors said that the 'Sembang Rakyat' was UMNO propagation to bring down PAS. well, lets put the politic aside cuz i am not good with politic. the videos seem a good try, its like they trying to tell the people about how bad Ulama is, how bad Hudud is. they try to explain why we should not let PAS takeover Malaysia or still hold their stronghold at Kelantan. well, i might say that it just a stupid ignorant tries when the situation which is the people, majority of them really damn well know about how good Hudud is and its comes from Allah. if they trying to say, PAS's hudud isnt relevant to be put as the same as or beside the Federal Constitution, but i would say they may had forgot that PAS's Hudud is not written by some Tok Guru Pondok or some young al-Azhar graduates, it is written by late Ahmad Ibrahim and his associates!
i really want to meet them, not hit them or what just want to ask them,what do they feel when they were insulting the Hudud and Ulama? are they just treat it as professional, where they are actors and actress right? are they ever think even for a slice of moment that they should not do that or they really are professional? do you guys think there will be no consequences from the Al-Mighty Allah for what you guys had done? insulting words from Allah and stuff. wow, really wanna see you guys been cooked at hell, but may Allah show you all guidance to the right path.

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  • December 12, 2011 at 1:46 PM
    Anonymous says:

    dah itu kebenaranye.. hudud pas xleh pakai.. menyusahkn org jer


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