Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Not Broader Explanation on Ikhtilat

problems, social problems dan masalah-masalah yang muncul dalam masyarakat Islam di Malaysia. menyusahkan, memedihkan hati yang tengok dan tahu serta memalukan air muka sesama islam sendiri.. wah, itulah maki-makian aku dalam polite and academic version.
 ikhtilat or in arabic spelling (اختلاط), what is ikhtilat?according to Lisan Araby, Ikhtilat means a mix situation by different genders.whereby non-family related males and females or in arabic ajnabiy. ikhtilat been used in Islam for centuries. though the real meaning of ikhtilat is never been discussed by any scholars whatsoever. tapi kenapa kita menggunakan perkataan ikhtilat? Dr. Yussuf Qardawi in his fatwa, said that the word ikhtilat, the originate is unknown therefore it is from other langguage as  the term we used is A'jami. great scholars such as tabi'-tabi'in prefer to use to word liqa' or muzakarah in their writing or whatsoever when refering to a mix or social activity between non-blood related family but why we still use the word ikhtilat( which i will look after this...)

though the term of ikhtilat is never been discussed on the originate and the meaning but the meaning which is has been informed and understand where ikhtilat may be one of the main reason for social problems among muslim youth but still not neglected all muslim in all ages. when a mix between unrelated males and females without rules and regulations or adab, it will become a source of other sins like khalwat, zina and such, therefore, by using one of the legal jurisprudence in Islam; preventing the bad thing or (سد الذرائع) some scholars decide to put that ikhtilat is forbidden in Islam.

however, Syeikh Abdul Karim Zaidan in his book ' the explanation regarding women' or (المفصل فى الأحكام المرأة) said the ikhtilat is not khalwat and there is no legal ruling about the forbiddency of ikhtilat and such. Syeikh Abdul Karim Zaidan said ikhtilat is allowed in Islam when it comes for Needs and Urgency. Needs or (الحاجة) is refering to needs which cant be denied and Urgency or (الضرورة) is of course urgency. regarding the needs for ikhtilat, it is allowed when it comes for 9 reasons:
1. ikhtilat is allowed in the transaction which is allowed in Syara' i.e business transaction and etc
2. iktilat is allowed when it is for the judgement process as the plaintiff or defendant may be from different genders and non-family related, supported by Imam at-Tabari.
3. ikhtilat is allowed when it for the sake of good deeds and diminishing the bad deeds or amal ma'ruf nahi munkar. as reported by Ibnu Hazim, Saidina Umar al-Khattab had appointed a female person namely as-Syifa to be a mayor for the city.
4. ikhtilat is allowed when it comes to serve the husband guest or her guest. as reported by Imam Bukhari, Ummu Usaid had serve his guest which is Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.
5. ikhtilat is allowed when it comes to public places and vehicles
6. ikhtilat is allowed when it comes to jihad fi sabilillah. as reported by Imam Bukhari in his sahih;ar-Rabei binti Muawwiz said that; we have been together with the Rasulullah treating those who are injured in war, giving water to drinks and sending the dead body back to madinah.


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    yang haram tetap haram.. tidak perlu dinafikan lagi..


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