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Edisi Khas:Ada Apa Dengan Masjid Kite


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Probably ade yang baca dan ada yang langsung tak baca blog aku dan mungkin ada yang report blog sebagai ‘abusive’ and such. Tapi, ibarat kata Dato’ Chef Wan,’ada aku kesah?’, aku tetap nak menulis tetap nak publish, sebab yang membaca tu agak ramai walaupun jarang sangat mereka meninggalkan comment dan sebagainya(based on  Google Traffic).

Masjid, semua yang Islam mahupun bukan Islam tahu ape itu masjid. Masjid adalah tempat where Muslims pray 5 times daily in group or ‘solat berjemaah’. The mosque is not a private place, it is cannot be owned, cannot be bought. Everything regarding the mosque is fells into the matter of ‘wakaf’.  No one can be restricted from using the mosque unless for a certain reasons which can harm the public interest. Tapi, in Malaysia aku agak hairan when there are certain things which should not ada or wujud but ada kat masjid.
Confusingly, Malaysian Muslims do not care or give a damn thing about it. Mereka tak heran, mereka tak amek kesah, mereka tak peduli and even there are Muslims yang langsung tak pernah pergi masjid. Here are things which I think it should not be in a mosque or at the mosque.

1.  Air-conditioner at the inside part of the mosque. Lately, I went for a trip/musafir and stop at a mosque to perform my ‘solat jumaat’. What shocked me is, the inside part where the cozy carpets are, is air-conditioned. So, to make sure that the people inside can feel the breeze from the air-conditioners, they built a glass doors and close it during the ‘solat jumaat’. It becomes worse when the glass doors are black tinted. So, the ‘makmun’ outside that air-conditioned part aint see the ‘khatib’ and they only have inside speaker ON during the pray, the ‘makmun’ can’t hear a word. What kind of masjid is that? A stupid architecture’s plan? A ridiculous idea to have a cozy mosque for the ‘makmun’? or the bloke who plan the mosque graduated from a university which nowhere else damn close to human civilization. It is STUPID.

gambar hiasan

2.  Restrictions to children to be on the mosque. Hey, I agreed that sometimes, no! everytime when during ‘solat jumaat’ or any other of 5 times prays, kids are playing on the mosque. Main ‘polis sentri’,’nyorok-nyorok’ and such and they do and extremely do make the people going mad, ya la.. you guys think, berlari-lari infront of us, make noises and sometimes kacau the people who try to pray. I am going to be frank about this, to me this kind of restriction is stupid and and sure make by the people who are pretty ignorant.  If we don’t want to kid to be at the mosque, is like telling them to ‘f**k off from the mosque and don’t come here’. During this age, is the most suitable time to teach them about the mosque, a lil’ bit about Islam and such. Ya, the disturbances is really annoying but at my place, the mosque prepared an area just for kids to stay there during the pray, the ‘Imam’ told the parents to put their kids in that area. Maybe it is hard for the first time, but kids(trust me, I do know kids) when they at a new place they will be a bit of ‘tak tenang’ or awkward but when another kid comes, that feeling is gone. Parents will tell their kids that they can only be at that area only, maybe it is hard for the 1st time, but for the 3rd or 4th, the kids will be OK(usually, unless your kids are not usual kids, hey don’t blame me! haha).

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3.  Slide show during ‘solat jumaat’, well in this case I am half Ok and half not Ok. During the Jumaat prayer, the ‘makmun’ should listen to the ‘khatib’s’ words and understand the preach. It is prohibited to talk or eat or do some stupid stuff like playing PSP, watch videos on your SmartAss-Phone or listen to the MP3 using earphone. But now, people don’t do that anymore and why? Because we are distracted by the stupid slide show at the FRONT! Well, I am okay with the slide show when it is only typed texts which deliver what the ‘khatib’ wants but if the slide contains pictures and some animations( which I had seen plenty of them), well that is not OK! It ridiculously stupid, like telling people,’hey we are Muslim, we pray we worship Allah the One but we are pretty darn stupid with technologies’.

              Well, those are some of stupid things which I had saw or seen and I don’t really like them. I have a lot of things which I hate and don’t like and pretty much anti to it such as Gay,Lesb,LGBT worshipers and followers but these are most annoying to me. Hey, everyone have their own issues, righttt???
Thanks ya, till next time.

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