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KFC Msia worker Jadik Samseng Pulak Dah

Assalamualaikum! Pekerja KFC buat hal lagi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pehal Pulak Dah ngan KFC neh, aritu bising sal pekerja goreng ayam pakai rempat kasut, ni yang ni pulak dah.. haiyyaaa

i would say, that is stupid and retarded action that korang buat. tak kesahla korang marah ke ape kje, jangan sampai nak menumbuk orang dan sebagainya. i used to work and everyday i am desperately deal with those africans stundents at UIA. macam2 benda yang diorang buat and macam2 perangai sekor2 ada. so?whats the point gaduh2?it just got worse and thats it; skang korang kene gantung keje ke ape?aku pun xtau.. xsempat nak siasat. tapi seriously.. korang memang BODOH seyh. yang customer tu plak, sama2 PELAQ. ish2.. tapi, i really wanna quote la here, i mean i want to make a statement regarding the said stupid matter that i am not with both sides, saya tak sokong atau bersetuju dengan mana2 pihak.. hak3.

Kisah KFC Workers bergaduh dengan customer, the story from the customer:

KFC Staff & Customers issues...


这时候有客人就已经破口大骂了,里面的员工就大声回应: sudahhabis, u mau apa lagi!我也忍无可忍的骂他们为什么没完了都不出声,那位經理也没有出声。。。我就再骂他们: iniapa service? 
他们就很不爽了,就有员工说: mau gaduh ke? 也有员工拿了支铁要打我。这时候就有个员工在门后面讲了:kalau mau makan, buat sendiri lah BABI! 我就更生气了,我要上前理论的时候,我老婆就拉我出去,不要再跟他们争吵。。。
: sini ialah KFC, macam service ah? Tak say sorryah? 但那位經理也没有理会我的要求,一直站在里面。然后有几位员工说:mau gaduh ke, mau gaduh ke, BABI... 然后我就说: saya mau panggil POLISsekarang. 他们就冲出来打人了
我的老婆为了帮我也扭到手了,也骂了他们: megapa macam, megapa
mau gaduh?! 他们连我们都要打,幸亏有其他人在拉住。我就告诉自己要忍住,因为打人是错的,先打人就更错!



Me, my wife and my sister went to KFC at 9.45 pm to have our dinner. When we arrived there, it was already packed. Since we already bought I-City coupon book(?), which contain a KFC voucher as well, we decided to wait.

While in the process of lining up, I noticed that the workers are working extremely slow, thinking to myself that I will probably need to wait for another 30 minutes or so. Actually, the I-City KFC branch did have enough workers, but I don't know if the workers behind the counter are either having a meeting or a chat, not even one of them come out to help, including the manager. The people waiting in line are starting to get frustrated.

At around 10.20 pm, most of the fried chicken has finished and the worker said to wait another 20 minute for more. My god, still need to wait.... why can't they just fry more?! I thought. At 10.45 pm, fresh batch of fried chicken is out, but only spicy flavor. 

10.53 pm, almost my turn when the customer in front me noticed that there is hardly any fried chicken left. When the customer asked the worker, the worker asked the people in charge at the back, only to say that they are out of stock.

At this moment, some customer start to scold the worker, with the worker inside screamed : " Sudah habis, you mahu apa lagi! " (It's already finished, what more do you need?) Unable to contain my self, I decided to scold them as well, stating that if it's already finished, why doesn't the manager or the worker inform us and finally saying : " Ini apa service? " (What kind of service is this?)

One of the worker replied : " Mahu bergaduh ke? " (Want to fight?) Some of the worker also decided to take steel bar getting ready to attack me. At this moment, one of the worker from behind said : " Kalau mahu makan, buat sendiri lah BABI! " (If you want to eat, go make it yourself you pig!) Upon receiving that reply, I was more angry, but my wife manage to drag me out while advising me to not argue with them.

Outside, the more I think about, the more mad I get, I get back inside to demand an apology.

I said : " Sini ialah KFC, macam service ah? Tak say sorry ah? " (What kind of service is this? Not even an apology?) The manager ignored my question while the worker replied: " Mahu gaduh ke, mahu gadug ke, BABI... " (Want to fight? Want to fight? You pig... " I replied: " Saya mahu panggil polis sekarang. " (I'm going to call the cops).

*Video play*

In order to help me, my wife scold them : " Mengapa macam, mengapa mahu gaduh?! " (Why like this, why do you guys want to fight?!) Luckily for us, someone managed to stop them from hitting me and my wife after that. I resisted myself from hitting them because hitting a person is wrong, but hitting back a person is worse!

Another worker came to us, telling us that their friends are coming, threatening us to get out now before it's too late. B worker drag A worker back, telling him don't be so busy.

What hit me the most isn't his kick or punch, but the fact that everyone at there was simply standing and watching, not helping. Some called me to report to the police but there was no evidence. That is the reason why I did not report to police.


from this i believe there will be more serious problems will arise. mana tak nye seyh, i you read all the translation you guys will notice that there is the word of 'babi' used. i reckon there will be a racial issue. racial issue and racist are not small problems. it is the same matter that start the chaotic, miserable and appalling incident of 13th May.

p/s: aduh, mengidam KFC plak, yok ke KFC!haha

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