Thursday, August 16, 2012

Menyesal Tak Sudah

Salam... Salam 1 Malaysia, hehehe..

lagi 2 atau 3 hari lagi, hari raya. the eid whatsoever and i am pretty sure Malay people called it with various names like 'Hari Lebaran'. '1 Syawal' and such. however, we are not likely to think what is the symbolism of this 1 Syawal thing. for me, from my personal point of view the 1 Syawal or the Eid is the day for those who victoriously enjoy the Ramadhan, made use of its barakah, its holiness and its greatness to celebrate their success. but Malay people think otherwise, for them or majority of them it just to celebrate after being forced to not eat or drink and holding ourselves from doing certain things which can void the fast. get it? or you guys dont get it. whateverlah because i just want to say something and not to justify something.

since there are only 2 or 3 days before the eid, as a routine to Malay people to start getting busy with stupid thing and forgot to perform the ibadah like busy getting the house look beautifool with new paints and curtains, new furniture and stuff or getting busy with the cakes, the kueh like ketupat, tapai and such. look people, isn't when we were in a worth-long situation we should being busy doing some stuff which is related to the said situation, example; we were having a harvest period, harvesting grapes and grapes need to be harvested before certain time or it will turn into shit. so, in this situation NORMAL people will work harder when the due date is near, this situation is similar to the Ramadhan thing, when the due date is near, we should do the ibadah more not less and getting busy with small things.

2 days before the Eid, its time to push the button, the N2O button!!

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  • August 16, 2012 at 4:37 PM
    Anonymous says:

    hohohoho.. sedap mengutuk.......


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